UMW Events

Over the course of the year, the UMW is involved in many activities. Below are some of those that take place every year.


Holiday House

November 7,2015: 9am to 3 pm

This event takes place the first Saturday in November. Some of the booths that are involved are: Attic Treasures, Candy, Books, Baked Goods, Jewelry, Cookbooks, Crafts, a Shop for Under 12, Doll Clothes, Nature Nook, Cards,  Knit and Pearl, Needleswork and Sewing, and a Silent Auction. This event which has been taking place for over 50 years involves months of preparation as the Craft Group starts meeting in March.






The UMW makes pasties every year to sell to the church and to the public. This annual fund raiser involves several days of preparation for the members and often some of the men from the church. They make 2500 or more pasties each year.




Lavender DinnerLavender Dinner

Each June, the UMW provides a dinner for all the women of the church who are seventy and older. Special entertainment is provided in addition to the dinner.





White Breakfast ProgramWhite Breakfast

On Maundy Thursday of each year, the UMW provides and ecumenical gathering for breakfast and a program. Women from other churches attend this annual meal.




Mother Daughter BanquetMother Daughter Banquet

Each year, the UMW sponsors a Mother Daughter Banquet. The theme varies, but for 2013 will be a look back at the proms in the days of the mothers and grandmothers.





Marketplace for MissionsMarketplace for Missions

Twice a year, the UMW has a Marketplace for Missions Sale, (aka Rummage Sale). The monies from this help to fund the many areas of missions supported by UMW.





UMW LunchesLunches

Both during Lent and at Alpenfest time, the UMW has lunches open to the general public. The Lent Lunches feature homemade soup and dessert, whereas the Alpenfest Lunch has Sloppy Joes. The monies taken in from these lunches again help the UMW fund many charities within the community and the world.