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Psalm 23

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I have had only once a person not request the reading of the 23rd Psalm at a funeral service.  I did not ask why since I wanted to honor their wishes and not get into a long theological discourse of the merits of this beautiful passage. The Psalms offer us many ... Continue


For the Least of These

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The other day at the Wednesday prayer circle one of the ladies asked me if I had read that morning’s, January 22nd, devotional from the Upper Room.  The focus of that day’s devotion was being homeless.  (I encourage you to read it; copies are available in the lobby of the ... Continue


True Authorship

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True Authorship “Twas the night before Christmas’ is probably the most familiar poem at Christmas time.  Many parents read it to their children on Christmas Eve.  Even local radio stations will have a figure of note recite it as part of their Christmas carol repertoire. Did you know that there is some ... Continue


Appreciate Thanksgiving

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There is no sense bemoaning the fact that Thanksgiving is becoming less and less the holiday that many of us grew up appreciating. I have no problem with the fact that many stores are remaining open Thanksgiving Eve or even on Thanksgiving Day.  The reason that I have no problem with ... Continue


Quiet Please

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Quiet please… I get around town pretty much, going to the grocery store, local coffee shops and a few other places of note and they all have one thing in common…lots of noise. It is not just the chatter of conversation but it is also the intrusion of the electronic devices, most ... Continue


Hope for Today

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I guess if one is prone to watch the news as often as I do one cannot be blamed for feeling a little bit down, depressed in other words.  Well, I must admit the state of affairs in our country and the world are causing me some concern. I shared my ... Continue


It’s Always the Message First

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“It’s Always the Message First” A few weeks ago as the liturgist was reading the morning’s lesson I realized that there may come a day when hymn books and Bibles will not be in the rack on the back of the pew.  What will be there will be a tablet. The tablet ... Continue


The Cross

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  We live in a very violent society as if one needs to be reminded of that.  Whether by electronic communication, television or print media one is constantly reminded of the violence committed upon people, and I am not speaking of the national wars and conflicts that are happening around the ... Continue